What is FuturTrak?

FuturTrak is a customizable case management software developed for child advocacy centers.

  • Track case information from intake thru investigation to outcomes
  • Easily customize to support your workflow and process
  • Multidisciplinary team access to collaborate and securely share information, files and calendars
  • Cloud-based solution is secure & easy to use from computer or tablet browser
  • Spend less time on paperwork and more time with children and their families

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Why use FuturTrak Case Management?

FuturTrak will enable your team to focus on quality, effective, and efficient care of child abuse and neglect incidents.

Using this cloud-based application allows for less time spent on paperwork by automating your processes and electronically storing case management files for easy retrieval.  Stay organized and increase team efficiency by replacing paper, folders and spreadsheets with centrally stored and shared information, files, calendars and reports.

Your multidisciplinary team has everything in one place accessible over the internet from PC or tablet browser.

  • Easy to use
  • Customize to your needs
  • Secure HIPAA compliant
  • Cloud-based subscription
  • Available 7/24

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Who uses FuturTrak Case Management?

Children’s Advocacy Center of Delaware has been a FuturTrak customer since 2010.

Children's Advocacy Center of Delaware

The Children’s Advocacy Center of Delaware (CAC) was founded in 1996 as a result of the efforts of a multidisciplinary task force comprised of leaders from the Attorney General’s office, the Division of Family Services, State, County and Municipal law enforcement agencies, the Criminal Justice Council, A.I.duPont Hospital for Children, the Family Court, the corporate sector, the private bar and members of the public child advocacy and protection community.

Today, in addition to the Wilmington Center, CAC operate fully equipped and staffed Centers A.I.duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, Dover and Georgetown, and provide services to child victims and their families on a statewide basis.  All three Centers employ nationally recognized best practices and are fully accredited by the National Children’s Alliance.

To designate a portion of your United Way contribution to the Children’s Advocacy Center of Delaware, use Donor Choice #9293.

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What are the Benefits of FuturTrak?

Easy to Use

      • Simple to navigate, even for the most computer weary
      • Keeps you organized with all information, files and calendars in on location
      • Reports that used to take weeks now take minutes
      • Increased productivity and lower administrative costs


      • Create roles and permissions to match your team
      • Configure your case number format
      • Custom navigation tab for your to configure
      • Customize to fit your policy and procedures
      • Additional custom development is always an option.  Talk to our sales team about your requirements.


      • Encryption of Protected Health Information (PHI) data
      • Users can only access the cases and information they need to see
      • Configure access authorization by roles, MDT and offices
      • HIPAA compliant


      • No software to install or servers to maintain
      • We make sure you have the speed and storage as you need
      • Use a browser to access anytime from anywhere
      • Directly on the Internet backbone
      • Predictable OpEx costs with application subscription


      • Hosted and maintained by Cloudscale365
      • Dedicated 7/24 support staff to assist you
      • Online support & issue reporting